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Products > Pancake Slip Rings (P)
When you have a height restriction, a "pancake" slip rings - also called a "flat" or "platter" ring - could be the best solution. These slip ring units are based on a disc shaped rotor, which is embedded with concentric grooves to carry the signal and power, with a brush block assembly mounted over the top to act as the stator. We can customize this type of slip ring from 4 to 50 channels, any center bore size. Contacts use precious metals and operating speed depends on the number of channels and overall size of slip ring.


PIC Specification Spec
Bore(mm) Channels Current(A) Voltage(V) Outline(mm) Speed(Rpm)
VSR-P110-16 110 mm 16 2/10 240VAC Power 12VAC signal Φ215*H22 100
VSR-P150-P2S28 150 30 2/50 240VAC power
12VAC signal
Φ335*H30 60  
VSR-P16-S4 16 4 240 240VAC / 30  
VSR-P40-P4S15 40 19 2/10 240VAC power
12VAC signal
Φ151.6*H32 120  
VSR-P Option  

  ● P Series slip rings are specifically limited in the height direction of rotation system;
  ● Use of advanced fiber technology or precious metal brush block means of contact,,lower torque and lower electrical noise;
  ● Multi circuits/channels design to deliver both power & signal at the same time;
  ● Ultra-thin design,the thickness reaches 15 mm;
  ● Center bore size can be customized.

Voltage 240V AC/DC
Current Rating 10A/Ring
Insulation Resistance 1000M?@500VDC
Dielectric Strength AC [email protected], 60S
Electrical Nosie 70 milliohms MAX @5rpm,50milliamps,6V DC
Contact Material Precious metal
Lead Size/Type 1.0mm Teflon wire
Operate Temp -30℃~+80

  ● Rotary tables, test equipments;
  ● Robots,processing equipments and rotary sensors;
  ● Medical equipments;
  ● Radar System.

  ● Higher voltage and current;
  ● Wider range of temperature;
  ● Higher protection class;
  ● Style of exits for lead wires;
  ● Flange for installation.
Pancake slipring with 110mm inner hole
Pancake slipring with 110mm inner hole
Pancake Slip Ring
Pancake Slip Ring
Pancake slip ring
Pancake slip ring
Pancake slip rings
Pancake slip rings
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