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Products > Wind Turbine Slip Rings (WS)
We provide slip rings for wind turbines, which ranges from slip ring used in 2Mw wind turbines to control the variable wind pulp to slip ring for micro wind turbines. Due to the particularity of wind power generation system, we specially design slip rings for wind turbines, which is resistance to strong vibration, large temperature difference, no need of maintenance and high reliability to meet its bad working environment and without supervision.


PIC Specification Spec Down
Rings Current Voltage Dimension Speed
VSR-W-2WM 30 60/16 600VAC Power/240VAC Signal Φ215*H22 100  
VSR-SC24 3 15A 240V Φ24*H42 300
2MW Wind Turbine Slip Rings
2MW Wind Turbine Slip Rings
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