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1. About us
    We are a leading company of slip ring. We focus on R&D, designing, producing and providing solution in terms of rotation program, application field ranges from security, industrial automation, wind power to military etc.

2. How to select appropriate slip ring?
    We have hundreds type of standard slip ring. Each kind of slip ring has its own best application range. Please fill in the online inquiry table and feedback to us according to your installation method, performance requirement, reliability and lifetime etc, such as rotation speed, current, voltage, temperature, vibration, protection level & signal type and so on. Or please contact with us directly by phone,email,QQ or skype, and we will recommend or design you the most suitable slip ring after learning your application range and requirement.

3. Cautions during slip ring operation
    Slip rings are precision component, so they must be installed & operated by professional electrician under our installation instructions. A pilot run is required after installation to ensure the slip rings were installed firmly & related circuits were connected correctly. Don’t exceed the max current/voltage requirement, select appropriate protection solution according to the actual working environment & the protection level of the slip rings.

4. What’s the diameter range of the slip ring aperture?
    Our slip ring diameter ranges from 3-500mm; Max 200 channels accesse. Please contact us timely if you have more requirements beyond these ranges.

5. What’s the voltage range the slip ring can deliver?
    The voltage range that normal slip ring can deliver from micro-volt to 200v, the current ranges from mA to hundreds of Amp. However, special slip ring can deliver even higher voltage and weaker signal. We can develop different kinds of slip rings according to corresponding requirements, please contact us if you have more requirements.

6. What’s the highest speed the slip ring can achieve?
    We have high speed & low speed slip ring, of which some speed ranges from 0-5000rpm. We can customize different slip rings according to corresponding requirements.Please contact us if you have more requirements.

7. How to maintain the slip ring?
    No need to maintain the slip ring due to the precious metal fiber brush technology we adopt.

8. What’s the delivery time?
    For standard slip ring, we can deliver within a week after the contract becomes effective; and for special slip ring, it normally will take one month from development to test since depending on the complexity.

9. How to ensure the quality of the slip ring?
    We have very skillful/professional engineers to ensure the quality of our products from development, production & measurement. Our products can be replaced within one year, and we provide post-service maintenance till end of life

10. Can I customize special slip ring for special requirements?
    Yes, we can provide not only the standard slip ring we list in the website, but also customized slip ring, such as high speed (5000RPM), high frequency (200MHZ), high voltage (2000V), high temperature type (-50~200℃), high protection level (IP68) etc.

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