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About Us

About Victory-way:        
     Victory-way Electronic(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a high-technology company which focuses on R&D and production of industrial electrical slip ring, created by senior engineers with many years of conductive slip ring application and development experience. So we can learn the demands of customers better and provide the best solution in the shortest time to help customers shorten development time.
     We design,develop and produce fiber composite (FORJ), electrical liquid mixture, high-frequency combinations, explosion-proof slip rings, waveguide combination of slip rings, etc. and we can provide the electrical contact devices in varieties of working conditions, from the underwater environment to the high altitudes, from the alpine zone to the high temperature environment, and even for the explosive condition. At present, our products are applied in the fields of security, industrial automation, military, environmental protection and so on.
      Excellent performance and reliable quality make our conductive slip ring exported to developed industrial countries, such as Japan, USA, Europe etc. Our products are very popular with customers and we are honored to be privileged the only supplier of slip ring for some customers of the high reliability requirement. We will continue to work hard to provide high quality conductive slip ring and the best solutions to customers.
Development process

Business Philosophy
   We strive for becoming the best provider of rotate solutions in China and even in the world by continuous technology innovation and breakthrough for the best returns to customers,employees and society. 
  We strive toward making slip ring grow world-class superior quality products and victory-way become one of the best welcome and most valuable companies in the world by resources integration and lean manufacture in the future 5 years.
  The realization of our mission and vision are well supported by the four strategies shown below:
  People First, Technology Innovation
  Lean Manufacture and Vertical Integration diversified development
Enterprise Culture
  Cpiritual culture:Responsibility、Creation、Value、Harmony
  System culture:system is life
  Material & Behavior Culture:Execution is the power of Competitiveness

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